Millennials working harder than ever as study finds 1 in 5 have two or more jobs

The UK study found young people are taking on multiple roles in order to up-skill in different areas

New research shows millennials are a generation of career jugglers, with many working two or more jobs.

The survey of 2,000 employed people in the UK, carried out by OnePoll and commissioned by Coople, show one in five (19%) employed young people have two or more jobs - more than any other generation.

Some of the main reasons cited by participants for taking on multiple roles included to learn new skills (47%) and for variety and experience (27%). 

One in three of those surveyed are planning on changing industry within the next two years. 13% intend to change industries within the next year and 45% will be looking to move within three years.

Coople’s research reveals that nearly half (48%) of millennials say a positive work-life balance is a primary factor for their professional happiness, the highest of any age group.

Jacques de la Bouillerie, MD of Coople, commented: "Older generations entered the working world with the expectation of ‘a job for life’, scaling up the career ladder within the same company. Conversely, millennial professional attitudes are starkly different, they do not seek ‘jobs for life’ but roles which allow them to not only work flexibly, but also obtain multiple roles within different industries."