Map reveals the most common words on Wikipedia

Britain’s top choice may surprise you

Map reveals the most common words on Wikipedia

Image: Reddit

One Reddit user has created a world map, showing the most common word used on each county's English language Wikipedia page.

The free online encyclopedia, which anyone can edit, has over 5,400,000 articles in English.

The map excludes linking words such as 'the', 'country' and 'government'.

It has shown some interesting results.

The most common used word on Ireland's Wikipedia site is 'state' – while the most common in the UK is the word 'Ireland'.

French, German and Scandinavian users have the most entries about the 'World' while Spain and the US have 'War'.
But this could be due to the World Wars.

A close-up of Europe's top Wikipedia words | Image: Reddit

Canada has 'Quebec' as its most common word, while Australians are looking for 'New' things.

Russia and several former Soviet countries have the term 'Soviet', while Poland's most popular term is 'European'.

Sauda Arabia's biggest Wikipedia term is 'King', while several of its neighbouring countries are have 'Oil', 'Arab' and 'World'.

Those living in Israel and Palestine have the most articles on 'Jewish' and 'Arab' respectively.

The most popular term for those in China is 'Dynasty'.

And those in South Korea are using the term 'South' the most, while those in North Korea are using the word 'North'.