Man gets takeaway delivered to his train

The lengths one DJ went to for a slice of pizza

A hungry DJ in the UK managed to get a pizza delivered to him as he took the train home from a gig.

DJ Artwork was travelling from Glasgow to Sheffield when he realised he had made an error.

He took to Twitter to explore his options, even asking his followers to bring him some food.

He then called Domino's pizza and successfully made an order despite being unable to supply a postcode or an address.

DJ Artwork live tweeted the entire experience, and then posted a video of the pizza being delivered to Darlington Station in Co. Durham.

He says the whole carriage were excited about the order, and he even shared a few slices with his fellow passengers.

The next day the DJ attempted to repeat the process while travelling from Leeds to London, with Domino's coming through for him once again.

He has vowed to continue to order train takeaways as he travels around the UK.