Man found guilty of murdering friend in Chihuahua row

Another man was cleared of murder

Man found guilty of murdering friend in Chihuahua row


There were angry scenes in the Central Criminal Court in Dublin after two men were convicted for their parts in the death of a young man in Westmeath.

Josh Turner of Mooretown in Ratoath, Co Meath was convicted of murder, while his housemate Wayne Cluskey was found guilty of manslaughter.

On November 19th 2015, Josh Turner called to a house in Navan where Mr Nevin was watching TV with his friend.

He had given him a male Chihuahua to breed with his three female dogs, and there was an argument over payment.

He said he just "completely lost control" when Mr Nevin came out of the house with a hatchet.

When his friend Mr Cluskey saw what was going on, he grabbed an axe from the car he was waiting in, and charged up the driveway.

Mr Nevin died from multiple blows to the head delivered by Mr Turner.

He was found guilty of murder today while his co-accused was convicted of manslaughter.

When the verdicts came in, the victim's wife stormed out of her seat and fired a plastic water bottle towards the dock. She was restrained by two gardaí and removed from the court room.

A sentence hearing is due to take place later this month.