Man found critically injured near Belfast Christmas market

The 40 year old man is currently at the Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast

Man found critically injured near Belfast Christmas market

The Belfast Christmas Market|Image

Ambulances rushed to Belfast City Hall after reports that a man was found stabbed close to the Christmas market.

Speaking about the incident the Northern Ireland ambulance service said "We got the call before 8pm to reports that a man in his 40s was stabbed at the city hall. We sent a rapid response paramedic along with our A&E crew. The patient was treated at the scene and was taken to the Royal Victoria hospital where he is in a serious condition."

In a recent statement Detective Inspector Rowland said "Whilst police are at the early stages of the investigation, police do not believe at this time that any other person has been involved in this incident."

Following on from that they later confirmed that no crime had been committed. 

The man was found by Adrian Huston and his wife Felicity as they were walking through the stalls at the Christmas market. They saw a man beyond the barriers at city hall with his head drooped to his chest,

In a statement given to Belfastlive they said "From what we could see he was a very bad colour, very grey. He was just standing there very still and there was a steward from the market standing with him talking to him. We couldn’t see that he was injured but he seemed to be in a bad way."