WATCH: Food trucks could arrive in besieged Syrian town by Monday

MSF says 31 people have starved to death in Madaya

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Image: Facebook Newswire

The United Nations World Food Programme says trucks could begin to arrive in Madaya by Monday.

The Syrian town is under siege and supplies have not been allowed since the beginning of October.

But the Syrian government has now agreed to let aid agencies in. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) says 31 people have starved to death.

Now images of starving children have emerged from Madaya displaying the extent of the crisis there.

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 An unnamed aid worker in the town confirmed yesterday that some residents were eating cats and dogs to survive, while others ate leaves.

Madaya is just 15 miles from Damascus, and less than seven miles from the border with Lebanon.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has warned of a deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria as winter approaches.

It says more than 12 million Syrians, including 5.2 million children, are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

More than four million people have fled abroad and around eight million are displaced within the country - with many forced to move several times.

Mick-el Hoffman of Médecins Sans Frontières says people in the town are in desperate need of help.