Luas Cross City to run this weekend

The trams will be operated on what is known as a 'gauge run'

Luas Cross City to run this weekend

An artist’s impression of a Luas Cross City tram on the Rosie Hackett Bridge | Image: Luas Cross City

The new Luas Cross City line is set to run trams in Dublin this weekend.

In what is known as a 'gauge run', the trams will be tested on the new route this Saturday, June 17th and Sunday, June 18th.

On Saturday, the run will see two trams moving at slow speed - between from 5kph and 10kph - between St Stephen's Green, College Green and over to O'Connell Street.

On the Sunday, the tests will continue between Broadstone and Cabra and through the city centre again.

Luas say these gauge run tests will take place from around 7.00am until mid-afternoon.

The tram movements will be controlled by test marshals on the ground and supported by An Garda Siochána - to bring the trams across the city centre and through junctions.

Tests will include a range of measurements and checks, to make sure new infrastructure is working with the trams.

Map shows parts of the Green and Red lines - as well as the full Cross City line | Image: Luas Cross City

Members of the public are asked to keep a safe distance from the trams and to obey the instructions of An Garda Siochána and marshals.

Tram testing is to continue during the summer months, in advance of passenger services beginning in December.

Luas Cross City is extending the existing Luas Green Line from St Stephen’s Green West to the Iarnród Éireann Broombridge Station in Cabra.

The new route will be a double Luas track at southern end of the line and will then split into two single tracks to loop around the city centre at College Green.

There will be an interchange point at the new O'Connell Street (GPO) stop and the current Abbey Street stop between the Luas Green and Red lines.

There will be 13 new stops with eight of these in core city centre area, and it will take 21 minutes to travel the 5.9km from Broombridge Station to St Stephen’s Green.