'Lots of famous people' promise a Mark Ruffalo nude scene if Trump isn't elected

'Save the Day' campaign wraps its political message in a parody of celebrity campaign videos

mark ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo attending the EE British Academy Film Awards in London, in February 2016 | File photo: PA Images

A self-described groups of "lots and lots of famous people" have come together to encourage American people to vote against "fear and ignorance".

Joss Whedon - creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, as well as director of the two Avengers films - rejoined Twitter earlier today to launch the 'Save the Day' campaign.

The group describes itself as a digital production company "dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act".

They also say they are looking to remind an "out-of-touch and compromised set of representatives that they are answerable to the people they were hired to serve".

The first video was put together by Whedon, and features plenty of familiar faces (and one or two less familiar ones) - include some of his past collaborators such as Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johannson, Nathan Fillion and Don Cheadle, as well as the likes of Julianne Moore and Martin Sheen.

It serves as both a parody of celebrity campaign videos while delivering its own message.

Donald Trump isn't mentioned by name, but they reference a candidate whose "signature is firing people". Don Cheadle, an outspoken critic of Trump, refers to a "racist, abusive coward".

The short ends with a pledge that Mark Ruffalo will do a "nude scene" if people vote and "protect the country against fear and ignorance" - leading to a bemused response from Ruffalo himself.