Little Rooster – the vibrating alarm clock that can wake women up with an orgasm

Inventor Tony Maggs speaks to Moncrieff about a unique alarm clock designed for women

Little Rooster – the vibrating alarm clock that can wake women up with an orgasm

File photo: Wikimedia Commons

Sick of the shrill beeping of your phone in the morning? How about waking up with an orgasm?

That’s the idea behind the Little Rooster, an alarm clock designed to fit inside women’s underwear.

The small device is made up of two parts: a flat section that goes on the pubic bone, and a longer rod for between your legs.

Speaking to Newstalk’s Moncrieff programme, Little Rooster inventor Tony Maggs explained that the vibrator can be left in knickers overnight.

The alarm clock adjusts to body temperature within seconds and weighs less than 50g, meaning it can be easily held in place inside your panties, according to Maggs.

It "wakes you up in a really pleasant way" with gently increasing vibrations, beginning five minutes before the alarm is timed to go off.

"It starts stimulating your clitoris and labia … And then it slowly increases in power over the next five minutes," he told Moncrieff.

The vibrations tend not to shake you from your slumber immediately, Maggs said, as they only slowly build up to any one of 30 available power levels.

This means some users experience orgasms even before they wake up. Most, though, simply "wake up in a really beautifully sensual way, [feeling] very horny".

Maggs explained that the vibrator functions as a normal alarm clock, with two buttons, a screen and switch.

"When I started designing it, I thought I was going to have to make at least three different kinds, because obviously women’s bodies differ," he said.

"First of all, I designed one that fitted my girlfriend at the time perfectly. Then I made different versions and asked people I knew, with different body types, to test them.

"Everybody said the same shape worked for them, and that’s because every woman has the same angle between their pubic bone and vagina. It's the external lips that vary in size."

The Little Rooster can be pre-ordered online for delivery in November.