LinkedIn now offering "Trending Storylines" to users

The platform is continuing to tweak its offering

For quite a long time, LinkedIn was just a source of useless emails, asking us to congratulate strangers on their promotion. In recent times, however, it has become a ‘must-have’ for those in or looking to enter the workforce.

The company was bought by Microsoft last year for $26 billion and has since tweaked its offering for users. The latest of these updates was announced on Wednesday, as LinkedIn unveiled its own aggregation service, called “Trending Storylines”. 

This service seeks to remove the ‘echo-chamber’ that is often present on social media platforms. This service will bring a diverse range of news sources to users, regardless of who they are.

An individual’s storylines will be tailored and personalised based on the information the company knows about you.

Speaking earlier this month about the platform, Dan Roth, LinkedIn's Editor-in-Chief referenced the on-going battle to police 'fake news' online. 

"People come to LinkedIn for a reason. Whatever it is they're doing in their professional world is what they want to talk about. That alone rules out a lot of what would constitute 'fake news'. This is not the place where you post conspiracy theories about a pizza chain."

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