'Less than 20%' of people claim tax relief on medical expenses every year

39% of respondents to a Taxback.com survey said they had never claimed the relief

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Image: RollingNews.ie

Fewer than 1 in 5 people claim tax relief on medical expenses every year, a new survey suggests.

Only 19.5% of respondents to the Taxback.com survey said they claimed tax relief on medical expenses every year, while 39% said they had never done so.

23.5% said they have made a medical claim 'once or twice', but do not do it all the time.

10% said they would like to claim back the expenses but 'always lose' receipts, and another 10% said they believed the process is too complex & time-consuming.

Taxback.com claims refunds on medical expenses cost Revenue €145.9 million in 2015, but suggests that the number could double if everybody entitled to claim did so.

Christine Keily, Head of Direct Taxes with Taxback.com, said: “Most people incur medical expenses throughout the year – particularly parents with young children [...] If a couple with 3 children takes even just 5 trips to their GP in a year that bill hits approx €250 – you could get €50 of this back from the Revenue.

"In reality this is one of the most straightforward things you’ll ever do in terms of 'personal admin' – easier than shopping online I would say."

She added that the company's message to taxpayers is to "get your receipts together and get what’s owed".

You can find out more about claiming back medical expenses on the Revenue website.