Leo Varadkar makes the cover of Time magazine

The Taoiseach was asked about Donald Trump, Brexit and more

Leo Varadkar makes the cover of Time magazine

Photograph by Nick Ballon for TIME

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is to appear on the next cover of the Europe edition of Time magazine.

The July 24th edition sees the headline: "An island at the center of the world", and a Q&A interview with Mr Varadkar.

In an introduction, author Jennifer Duggan writes: "Varadkar takes up the post of Taoiseach at a time when the Republic of Ireland has emerged from a deep financial crisis and its economy is turning around.

"But he knows that, especially given external threats such as the neighbouring UK's withdrawal from the European Union, continued progress is not guaranteed."

The interview took place on July 7th in his office.

"He brings a straight-talking style to the office", Time says.

It adds: "He spoke frankly about various issues confronting him: about the threat Brexit poses to the Republic of Ireland and how he can rule out the prospect of an Irish vote to leave the EU, how he plans to confront President Donald Trump on global trade; and what he thinks about media attention on his sexuality."

Asked what he will say to US President Donald Trump when he meets him in Washington DC on St Patrick's Day, Mr Varadkar says: "I'm not going to tell the American president how to run America but I think it is important that when friends are speaking to each other that they are able to be very frank in the views that are exchanged and I certainly will be doing that."