Here's how your Leap Card can be used to make charitable donations

The card was launched in 2011

Launched in February earlier this year, the Leap card app is proving popular with customers as sales through the app in August topped €1 million.

So far, over 75,000 people have downloaded the app, which saves credit card details for a quick top-up, while further functions are set to be added to it down the line.

Speaking to, a spokesperson said: "Currently the App is available on Android v4.4 or above and requires the device to have NFC functionality. Essentially once you download the App to a compatible phone, you simply hold a Leap card to the NFC device and you can view the last five transactions, check your balance, top up your purse on the go [and] collect online purchases."

Since they came into circulation in 2011, roughly €1.8 million cards have been sold. The €5 paid to purchase a card is refundable, but also acts as a buffer if you are low on credit.   

The €5 goes onto the buyer's card, and if the credit on the card is low, say €0.01, the cardholder can still take journeys up to a total value of €5.

There is also an option to donate your refund to charity, with the money going to Focus Ireland while the company is in the process of of designating a further three charities.