Lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial believes he “would have been convicted if he was white”

Marcia Clark was speaking to Colette Fitzpatrick about her new book ‘Blood Defense’

Following the huge success of the series, The People v. OJ Simpson:  American Crime Story, Colette Fitzpatrick spoke to the lead prosecutor in the trial, Marcia Clark. 

When asked if she has any doubts if anyone else could have been responsible for the murder besides O.J. Simpson she responded: “No – I would never be in court if there was any doubt whatsoever.” 

She spoke at length about the subject of race in Los Angeles' courtrooms saying it has “been an issue for some time”, and she believes that if “he had not been a celebrity he would have been convicted”. 

Clark also said she has heard Simpson has received very soft treatment in prison: “I have heard he has had super bowl parties in his cell and that he’s certainly not being treated as your average prisoner”. 

She was asked about her opinion of the TV depiction of the trial: “I think the series did a very beautiful job of showing the sexism back then”. 

“What really hurt was the sexist behaviour of the judge who treated me more harshly and more demeaning than any of the other lawyers in the courtroom”. 

“There was a huge disparity in treatment and the problem is the jury does take their cue from the judge - If a judge treats a lawyer like a second class citizen they will conclude that there's a reason for it”.

During the trial her former mother-in-law released photos of her topless: “It was so hideous and awful, it was the sense of betrayal that someone that knows me would sell a photo like that”. 

She also said she has been in touch with Kim Goldman – sister of Ron Goldman – since the release of the series. 

“I think (it) was very hard on both families. It kicked up a lot of memories. I can only say my heart goes out to them".

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