"I'm a fighter and I'm up for a fight" - Burton hits back after poll shows only 4% support

The junior coalition partners face a difficult last week of campaigning

"I'm a fighter and I'm up for a fight" - Burton hits back after poll shows only 4% support

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Joan Burton has promised to come out swinging as the Labour Party heads into its final week of election campaigning.

This is despite a poll suggesting support for Labour has halved since the campaign began.

She says Labour will surprise by rebounding before polling day:

Burton is also refusing to say if she would step down as party leader if they get just 4% support next Friday.

The Tánaiste said she doesn't agree with predictions suggesting her party won't be returned to government. 

"We have three polls this weekend, have the ultimate poll on Friday, and the response that our candidates have been getting is very strong," she said.

One teenager in Kilkenny was none too happy with Burton, telling her to "shove her water bills up her fiscal space."

The 15-year-old - who said he was a Sinn Féin supporter - posed for a selfie with Joan Burton before asking her a question about working class families.

The Tánaiste answered the question before moving on, with the teenage boy shouting after her. 

 The Behaviour & Attitudes poll commissioned by the Sunday Times puts the junior coalition partner on just 4%.

The poll commissioned by The Sunday Times had been due to be published tomorrow, but it was leaked online in advance, and details have been published in full this morning by its sister paper, the Ireland edition of the Times.

The poll of 1026 voters was taken on Monday and Tuesday - the day of, and the day after, a live TV debate between seven major leaders.

Labour's drop knocks them from 8 per cent% in the last similar poll, to 4 per cent today.

Fine Gael rises two points to 30%; Fianna Fáil enjoys the same increase, up 2 to 22%. Sinn Fein however falls 2 points to 15%.

Unaligned independents are unchanged at 10%, while the Independent Alliance is at 5%, alongside the Anti Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit, which has polled higher than Labour for the first time.

The Greens, Renua and the Social Democrats are all on 3%, while the Workers Party is on 1%. There is a 3% margin of error.

Our Political analyst Odran Flynn says if these figures come through on polling day, it would leave few choices for a coalition, and would be a disaster for Labour:

Meanwhile, Labour TD and Minster for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin is accusing Micheál Martin of avoiding the question of who he and Fianna Fáil would go into coalition with.

He says the question of their political alliances is the most important question to be answered in the remainder of the campaign: