Katie Hopkins looks to appeal Twitter libel verdict

She was ordered by a High Court judge on Friday to pay £24,000 damages to writer Jack Monroe over false tweets

Katie Hopkins, Adam Johnson, sexual assault, grooming

Katie Hopkins on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe [Danny Lawson / PA Archive/Press Association Images]

Katie Hopkins is set to appeal the High Court judgement that found her guilty of libel against Jack Monroe on Twitter, saying the defamation bar needs to be "higher".

She told BBC Radio 4’s The Media Show today: "I think we have reached a situation at the moment where the bar could not be lower and I think that has serious ramifications for the media industry as a whole.”

“The defamation bar [is] as low as my labia. I would like the defamation bar to be at a reasonable level,” she said.

Last week, she was ordered by a high court to pay £24,000 damages to writer Jack Monroe at the conclusion of a case dubbed "Twibel" by media pundits.

As well as the award to Monroe over defamatory "war memorial" tweets, former Apprentice star Hopkins will have to pay costs running into six figures.

She was ordered by Mr Justice Warby at a hearing in London to pay £107,000 on account of costs within 28 days, with the full figure yet to be assessed.

Food blogger Monroe, 28, of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, complained that the tweets posted in May 2015 accused her of "vandalising a war memorial and desecrating the memory of those who fought for her freedom, or of approving or condoning such behaviour".

The judge said "Ms Hopkins does not suggest that Ms Monroe did behave in either of these ways".

Her answer to the claim was that her tweets did not bear the meanings complained of, were not defamatory and that it had not been shown that they caused serious harm to Monroe's reputation.