WATCH: US airline JetBlue gives passengers free flights when a baby cries

Four cries during a flight in the cabin means a free round-trip ticket

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Image: YouTube/jetblue

A US air carrier has offered passengers discounted flights every time a baby cries in the cabin.

JetBlue said each sustained cry of a baby was worth a 25% discount off a person's next flight.

This means that four cries during a flight in the cabin amounted to a free round-trip ticket.

An online advert is being promoted with the #Flybabies hashtag.

A JetBlue spokesman said it is part of a string of ads that have been developed to evoke "more compassion among travelers".

"We're hoping to inspire that conversation and know that while it may be tough for you to sit next to a crying kid, we hope you can think about the stress that parent is going through. And maybe we can be a little bit more supportive of moms", he told the Boston Globe.

"Quite honestly we didn't know what to expect," he said.

However, the campaign has raised some eyebrows with people online - in that it was released ahead of the US Mother's Day holiday.