Jeff Sessions recuses himself from presidential campaign investigation

The Attorney General also denied ever meeting Russian officials about the Trump campaign.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has categorically denied ever meeting Russian officials about the Trump campaign. 

At an impromptu press conference, Sessions said that the idea that he was part of a continuing exchange of information between the US and Russia is "totally false".

"My answer was honest and correct and how I understood it at the time," Sessions said of his reply to My reply to Senator Al Franken at his confirmation hearing.

Sessions also announced he will recuse himself from any investigation into Russia.

The move comes after it was reported Wednesday night that Sessions had two meetings with the Russian ambassador to the US in 2016 after he started supporting Donald Trump's presidential bid and then failed to disclose the contacts during his confirmation hearing.

President Donald Trump, however, said he had "total" confidence in the Attorney General as he visited Newport News in Virginia to meet sailors and shipbuilders on an aircraft carrier.

Sessions had told NBC News on Thursday morning he would recuse himself "whenever it's appropriate".