Ivanka Trump reportedly moving into White House as First Lady

Trump's wife Melanie will remain in New York so their son can continue to attend school there

Ivanka Trump reportedly moving into White House as First Lady

Ivanka Trump watches during the second day session of the US Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio | Image: Carolyn Kaster AP/Press Association Images

US President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly moving his eldest daughter Ivanka into the White House.

Ivanka Trump is set to live in the East Wing of the building and assume the duties normally reserved for the First Lady.

However, a spokesperson for Mr Trump denied the claims saying nothing had been finalised.

"No decisions have been made regarding Ivanka's role," Mr Trump’s spokesperson Hope Hicks told CNN.

Mr Trump's wife Melania will stay in Trump Tower in New York to allow their son Baron to attend school there.

It is currently unclear what role Ivanka will play within the administraion, but it is clear that she will play a significant part of Mr Trump's government.

Last week, Mr Trump announced his sons Eric and Donald Jr would be taking over his business on January 20th inauguration.

He also said he would “love” to have Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, involved when he takes office.

Mr Trump's transition team are currently developing a role for Mr Kushner, a property developer and newspaper publisher.

"If you look at Ivanka — she's so strongly, as you know, into the women's issues and childcare, nobody could do better than her," he said in December.

Mr Trump won't be the first President to have his children assist in his presidency. Maureen Reagan, daughter of Ronald Reagan, lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue while serving as a special counsel to the Republican national committee.

Lynda Bird Johnson, daughter of Lydon Baines Johnson, helped out with social events and other duties while studying at a university in Washington.