'It's Mr President' - Emmanuel Macron scolds cheeky teenager

It happened as the President greeted the crowd at an event honouring World War II Resistance fighters

'It's Mr President' - Emmanuel Macron scolds cheeky teenager

Picture by: Jens Meyer/AP/Press Association Images

Emmanuel Macron has scolded a teenager for addressing him by a shortened version of his name.

It happened when the French President travelled to Fort Mont Valérian near Paris yesterday, for an event honouring World War II Resistance fighters.

While Macron was greeting the crowd, one boy yelled 'Ca vu, Manu?' - 'Manu' being a nickname in France for those named Emmanuel.

According to France 24, the teenager had also sung a few lines of socialist anthem The Internationale in an apparent dig at the French leader's controversial legislative moves in support of businesses.

Responding to the teenager, Mr Macron said: "You can act like a clown, but today we are singing the national anthem.

"You address me as 'Mr President of the Republic' or plain 'mister', OK?"

He added: "Even if you want to lead a revolution one day, you've first got to earn a diploma and learn how to put food on the table. Then you can lecture others."

When the boy - who quickly apologised - asked why honours results are needed rather than just a passing grade, the French president argued: "You can't be satisfied with just the minimum.

"Those you came to honour today... they didn't aim for just the minimum."

President Macron shared a video of the exchange on his Twitter profile.

He argued: "Respect is a minimum in the Republic, especially on June 18th.

"However, this does not prevent a relaxed conversation from taking place."

In France, events are held on June 18th to commemorate a famous speech by Charles de Gaulle in 1940, calling for the French people to resist the German occupation of France.