Is Trump "doing a Hillary" with security?

Reports state President Trump is using a personal, unsecured mobile phone

Is Trump "doing a Hillary" with security?

Picture by Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP/Press Association Images

President Donald Trump is still getting used to his new surroundings in Washington DC, but it seems that he has yet to move to a new smartphone.

The New York Times reports that Trump is still using his civilian Android handset, despite numerous warnings that he would have to forfeit the phone. 

Using an unsecured device poses a risk as hackers could access content on the phone such as location, camera and voice calls without too much effort.

"Mobile devices are extremely vulnerable to being exploited by hackers, and turned into surveillance devices – recording conversations, location tracking, capturing data on devices and forwarding it, even taking video footage," said Avi Rosen, chief executive of mobile security company Kaymera. 

For this reason, security services encourage those with access to sensitive and classified information to use secured phones. 

President Trump was, of course, highly critical of Hillary Clinton during the election campaign as she used a private email server for emails rather than official State Department email accounts maintained on federal servers.