Is Motorola on the way out?

Goodbye Moto?

Last week Rick Osterloh, CEO of Motorola Mobility caused a bit of confusion when he said that Motorola would be phased out by their parent company Lenovo.

After much speculation and rumour Motorola set the record straight on their website. They stated that Motorola Mobility will continue to exist and has a central role in Lenovo's smartphone business. These products will be branded "Moto" rather than Motorola. Apparently it sounds more contemporary. 

Motorola were the investors of the first mobile phone. They were one of the key manufacturers throughout the 90s. Before the iPhone, the Motorola Razr phones were one of the most sought after devices. 

Chinese tech giant Lenovo bought the company from Google in January 2014. Since then, the Motorola brand had its first win of the smartphone era with the Moto G. This phone kick-started Motorola's existence, selling more than 10 million units in 2014 - a 118% increase year-on-year.