"Is Captain Robbie on frequency?" 5-year-old goes on his first flight with older brother

The young pilot has Williams Syndrome but it's not holding him back

"We happy yeah?".... "Yeah."

The loving words shared between brothers as Michael McMahon took his five-year-old brother Robbie out on his first flight.

Robbie has Williams Syndrome, which is a rare neuro-development disorder, but as you can see from this heart warming video, the condition is having no ill-effects on Robbie's positive disposition. 

The footage shows the pair jetting off in what appears to be a small aircraft on a sunny day to survey the beautiful countryside underneath.

And while all the inspiring sights are unfolding in front of him, Robbie playfully inquires "can we get dinner?" towards the end of the video.

Taking to the skies is all well and good, but a man has to eat at the same time.