Three Irish teenagers turn exam notes into a budding start-up

They hope their site will offer an alternative to expensive grind schools for Leaving and Junior Cert students...

Three Irish teenage entrepreneurs are trying to change how students prepare for exams - and have turned their platform into a viable business even before they've sat their Leaving Certs.

The students behind the project - Jack Manning, Johnnie Bell and Eamonn Flannery - are the co-founders of 'Examlearn' and they joined Bobby Kerr on Down to Business to tell him all about the project.

Having racked up an intimidating 30 A grades between them in the junior cert - the trio decided to develop Examlearn to share their notes, study advice, and sample answers with students studying for the State exam.

The service has now been expanded to also include the Leaving Cert.

It's attracted more than 13,000 users and offers both a limited trial free service and a full suite of exam resources for €39.99 for the Junior Cert and €99.99 for the Leaving Cert.

Examlearn sees costly grind schools as their direct competition - it offers a digital alternative which users can explore on demand and at their own pace which is developed by students for students.

"It's everything all at once, so you can go on and you can work through all the subjects yourself. You don't have to keep switching sites," co-founder Jack Manning told Newstalk.

Their ambitions stretch beyond the Irish market. These young men intend to keep running the site after they finish their studies - with the possibility of applying the approach to "different countries and different exam systems," creating a pathway for potential international expansion.