Irish MEP foresees "expensive" roaming charges post-Brexit

Deirdre Clune says it will be "difficult for consumers"...

Irish MEP foresees "expensive" roaming charges post-Brexit

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Higher roaming charges may be on the cards once Britain leaves the EU, according to an Irish MEP.

Deirdre Clune, the Fine Gael MEP for the Ireland South constituency, says a Brexit could leave Irish people paying more when they travel to the UK and use their phones.

This is despite the fact that roaming charges are due to be abolished from July 15th 2017 across the European Union, as the UK plans to end its membership.

Clune said:

"We will be members of the European Union; the UK, Northern Ireland will not...

"People travelling across the border, people travelling across into the UK, will be subject to roaming charges that there won't be if they're travelling to any other EU country.

"So it will be difficult for consumers, it will be expensive."

At the time of announcement that roaming charges would be abolished, the European Consumer Centre, Ireland said:

"As part of its Connected Continent drive, the EU is working to develop a telecoms single market.

"Ending roaming charges has been a priority for some time, as it seeks to remove barriers to mobile phone use abroad.

"It is hoped that not only will this alleviate a burden on consumers, but also provide greater accessibility for businesses and start-ups to sell online to consumers travelling abroad."

No major UK networks have given solid details on what will happen with their charges. Speaking ahead of the Brexit vote, a spokesperson for O2 in the UK said:

"We will continue to offer competitive prices to our customers who use their mobile device when they travel overseas whatever the outcome."