Ireland could be facing into a white Easter

Temperatures are set to drop from Monday

Ireland could be set for a white Easter as Met Éireann warned another cold snap is on the way for next week.

Temperatures are expected to drop to as low as 2C degrees from Monday with the possibility of snow on higher ground.

Met Éireann forecaster Harm Luijkx said it Will not be as cold as the two previous cold spells:

“At the moment it looks like the Easter Weekend temperatures will be in single figures - at best maybe even only 5C or 6C degrees,” he said.

“So it is still cold but not as cold.

“With that, there might be a bit of sleet on high ground or a bit of precipitation.”

Met Éireann is forecasting “cold and unsettled weather” with “wintry falls mainly in northern and northeastern counties.”

The forecasters five day forecast is also predicting “frosty nights.”