Investigation into child grooming allegations in Co Louth

A vigilante group confronted two individuals over the weekend

Investigation into child grooming allegations in Co Louth


Updated: 11.45

Gardaí say they are investigating allegations of child grooming against two people in Co Louth.

It follows a sting operation by a vigilante group, which confronted two individuals in separate operations over the weekend.

No arrests have been made.

It comes after RTÉ sports producer Kieran Creaven appeared in court in Leeds on Monday, charged with communicating with a child for sexual activity.

The 55-year-old faced two charges in a UK court in connection with attempting to engage in sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl.

Mr Creaven, from Dublin, was arrested in Leeds on Saturday night after being approached by a group who had set up a fake profile of a 13-year-old girl online.

He is due in court again next month after being granted bail under strict conditions - including that he reside at an address in Dublin and that he has no unsupervised contact with any child aged under 16.

'Predator Exposure' streamed a live Facebook feed of the arrest on Monday.

The founder of 'Predator Exposure' is a man known only as Phil.

He told Pat Kenny how they operate.

"We have a fake Facebook account, and we have decoys who run these accounts.

"We don't add anybody, by the way, they come and add us and they start talking to us first.

"We've got some who've gone to prison and some who's been on the sex offenders register and stuff like that".

"I've got now like 15 decoys and they're working around the clock, and they're getting hundreds of messages a day.

"By the way, we do state straight away 'I'm on 13-years-old - I'm a 13-year-old and I'm in school'.

"But you'll find that 80% of them carrying on talking".