Instagram offers help to users searching for harmful hashtags

A recent internet craze encouraged users to self-harm

Social media firms have been open about the uphill battle to police online content. 

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced Facebook will increase the number of on its community operations team, to help respond to videos of violence at a faster pace.

Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, Instagram has also taken steps to help prevent users from accessing violent or harmful images and videos.  

One current example is the #BlueWhaleChallenge. This is controversial craze encourages participants to self-harm and has been linked to a number of young people taking their own lives. 

Instagram has taken steps to prevent users from seeing images tagged with the hashtag. When that particular hashtag is inserted, the following message appears. 

If you opt to 'See Posts Anyway' the images tagged with that hashtag are displayed. If, however, you select 'Get Support', a number of options appear on the screen.

This help service appears when a number of terms are searched for on the app.