If the latest WhatsApp revelations make you feel uneasy, here's two alternative messaging apps

It's been revealed that Facebook can, in fact, read your WhatsApp messages

A cryptography and security researcher at the University of California has discovered a loop hole within WhatsApp that allows Facebook to view user's messages, as a result of the end-to-end encryption protocol. 

If this makes you feel uneasy and you think it's now time to move away from the messaging service, here's some alternatives for you to consider.  

Signal - iOS / Android

Signal first appeared back in 2014. It's the messaging app used and championed by Edward Snowden. It provides comprehensive security, end-to-end encryption with PFS, no metadata storage and all details of contacts are stored in a protected system. 

It's possible to make phone calls or create group chats within Signal, but the interface is not quite as polished as WhatsApp.  

Wire - iOS / Android

This app is not quite as well known as Signal, but offers a very similar and secure service. The app had the backing of Skype co-founder Janus Friis and has a nicer user interface in comparison to Signal. It's possible to send text messages, voice and video notes and it's even possible to screen share.