Iconic 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' Marilyn Monroe dress up for auction

The garment is going on display at the Newbridge Museum of Style Icons

Iconic 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' Marilyn Monroe dress up for auction

Image: Newbridge Museum of Style Icons

The dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she famously sang 'Happy Birthday' to US President John F Kennedy in 1962 is going to auction.

However the garment will first spend some time in Ireland, at the Newbridge Museum of Style Icons (MOSI) for one week in October.

Newbridge is the only place in Europe where this dress can be viewed before it goes under the hammer in LA on November 17th.

It is part of the most significant auction of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia ever seen.

The dress, which is expected to fetch millions at auction, will forever be marked in the history books thanks to her sultry performance of 'Happy Birthday' at Madison Square Garden.

The film star walked on stage and peeled away her white ermine fur coat, revealing a skin-tight, sheer, flesh-coloured dress that sparkled with over 2,500 handstitched crystals.

The custom Jean Louis creation was so tight fitting that Marilyn wore nothing underneath and had to be sewn into it last minute.

The dress as seen from behind | Image: Newbridge Museum of Style Icons

That performance was one of her last public appearances before her untimely death less than three months later.

President Kennedy died a year later and that infamous night was the last known time they saw each other.

Martin Nolan, executive director at Julien's Auctions, said: "We have had remarkable opportunities to offer unique objects related to Marilyn Monroe in the past.

"To be part of the continued interest and excitement around this legend is always thrilling.

"This dress, this story, this momentous occasion represents a defining moment in history. This auction will remind the world why Marilyn Monroe remains an icon."

This dress will be on display in Newbridge from Saturday, October 29th until Sunday, November 6th.