Ice-cream shortage for east Dublin town

Temperatures are set to hit up to 27 degrees on Tuesday

Ice-cream shortage for east Dublin town

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Today could be the hottest day of the year.

But one of Dublin's seaside towns looks set to be without power for part of the day due to planned cuts.

Businesses and residents in parts of Howth have been warned outages could affect them between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Temperatures are set to hit up to 27 degrees on Tuesday.

However, one of the biggest knock-on issues from the power cuts could be an ice-cream shortage.

Jonathan Cooke, who runs Ann's Of Howth, told Newstalk Breakfast this could really hurt their business.

"We rely on the sun to drive our bushiness in the summer time - we won't sell ice-cream in the winter, we will in the summer time.

"You have sun, you have people out in Howth, they all want ice-cream... but because we have no electricity today our ice-cream machine will not work, our coffee machine will not work, all our refrigeration will be down so we could be at a loss of the ice-cream that's in shortage.

"So it will have a huge impact on us today".

"We had lost a few days already in Howth since the start of the season with the DART being off on two bank holidays - so people couldn't get out to Howth.

"And then there was a threatened water shortage a few weeks ago as well, where they were threatening that we may not have water for the day - thankfully that didn't actually happen".

Asked if he would consider an electricity generator to solve the problem, Mr Cooke says: "We're way too small a shop to be putting money like that out on a generator.

"You have to get your fuse boards upgraded and everything else like that to do it.

"It wouldn't be worth it because this might happen maybe once every 10 years".