IMF boss expresses fears over euro elections

Christine Lagarde is also keeping a close eye on Trump...

IMF boss expresses fears over euro elections

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde waits at a special court, Monday, Dec.12, 2016. Picture by Francois Mori AP/Press Association Images

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has expressed her concerns about key EU elections in 2017.

"I am worried, as we all are, about some of these elections," she told a conference ahead of key votes in the Netherlands, France and Germany.

She did not elaborate on these issues. The Netherlands will go to the polls in March, followed by France in April and finally Germany in late September.

Ms Lagarde also defended the performance of Europe's economy, mentioning Ireland's recovery are part of the turnaround - she also praised Portugal and Cyprus.

The head of the IMF added that there is, "More to be done. No question about that" to create growth in Europe.

"When it comes to the financial stability, to the ability to supervise, to the strength of those institutions with due accountability - I think it's critically important for the mission that the IMF has, which is financial stability around the world," she said, commenting on Donald Trump's plans to roll back Wall St reforms.

The French official said that Mr Trump's actions are being watched very closely by the IMF.

She believes that his policies could be "worrying" for the rest of the world - but should create short-term growth in the US.

Ms Lagarde previously expressed concerns about a new wave of protectionism in comments which seem to have been aimed at Donald Trump during the US election campaign.