WATCH: Hyperloop One completes next phase of testing

Developers are hoping to hit speeds of 700 mph

WATCH: Hyperloop One completes next phase of testing


A futuristic transport system has successfully completed its latest test.

Hyperloop One reached 190 mph and reached a maximum distance of 437 meters at its testing ground in Las Vegas.

Developers say they are hoping to hit 700 mph.

The company says the XP-1 test pod "performed as designed, handling high speeds and levitating in a vacuum tube depressurized to the equivalent of flying at 200,000 feet above sea level."

"Seeing a 28.5-foot-long and 8.9-foot-tall vehicle propel at high-speeds down that track brings the vision of the Hyperloop much closer to reality."

The pod is designed to carry people or cargo through the low-pressure tunnel on a cushion of air.

The Hyperloop is an electronically-powered pod, which is propelled magnetically off the track.

Nearly all the air inside the tube is removed using vacuum pumps, effectively creating "our own sky inside the tube, as if you were quietly flying at 200,000 feet above sea level", developers add.

The company says its system offers better safety than passenger jets, lower build and maintenance costs than high-speed trains, and energy usage - per person - that is similar to a bicycle.

Among its proposals is a route linking Cardiff to Glasgow via London, which would see it transverse the UK in just 89 minutes.