Husband charged with wife's murder as her Fitbit unravels his alibi

The man has now been charged with murder

Husband charged with wife's murder as her Fitbit unravels his alibi

Richard Dabate. Photo: Mark Mirko/AP

A man in Connecticut has been charged with the murder of his wife after her Fitbit contradicted his version of events.  

Richard Dabate claimed a 'tall, obese man', who wore a mask and spoke like 'Vin Diesel' shot his wife. Dabate continued to claim that the perpetrator tied him up after a struggle, involving a knife. 

Having examined a number of technological devices, police found inconsistencies with Dabate's story. 

He claimed the attacked took place at 9 am on the morning of December 23rd, 2015 and that he managed to call the police at 10.20am. Time stamps on the victim's Fitbit, however, told a very different story. It showed that Connie Dabate was at her local gym until 9.18am. 

She had then posted videos to Facebook and the Fitbit showed she moved around her home until 10.05am. 

Analysis of the scene showed Connie was shot twice with a revolver, bought by her husband two months prior to the killing. A police dog did not detect the scent of anyone else in the home. 

Further police investigation led them to discover Dabate was having an affair with another woman who was pregnant. He falsely attempted to cash in a $475,000 life insurance policy just five days after his wife was killed. 

Dabate has since been charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence and making false statements.

His trial date is set for 28 April.