Human Rights Watch says IS 'summarily executed' 13 Iraqi people after village uprising

The organisation has called on Iraqi security forces to investigate the 'alleged war crimes'

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A human rights organisation has claimed that Islamic State militants 'summarily executed' at least 13 civilians - including two boys - following a village uprising in Iraq.

According to Human Rights Watch, the alleged killings took place in the villages of al-Hud and al-Lazzagah, 50km south of Mosul in October.

According to the group, around 45 people from the two villages attacked ISIS forces to clear them from their villages - killing 19 ISIS fighters. 

ISIS fighters are said to have returned to the villages to kill those they believed were involved in the uprising.

According to HRW - who have provided a detailed account of the uprising and alleged executions - the victims included a 13-year-old boy who did not participate in the uprising.

The organisation says that 'murder and other wilful killings of those in custody are war crimes' under the Geneva Conventions, and is calling for Iraqi security forces to investigate 'incidents of alleged war crimes'.

Lama Fakih, deputy Middle East director at HRW, said: “ISIS responded to the village uprising by unlawfully executing people captured in the uprising and civilians who weren’t involved. Security forces who capture ISIS fighters should properly investigate their participation in alleged war crimes like these.

“After two years of ISIS abuses committed with complete impunity, Iraq’s government has an opportunity to bring real justice to some of its victims. Prosecutors should give particular attention to ISIS war crimes committed against people who were forced to live under its control," she added.