How to remove the red bubble notifications from your iPhone

They can be a source of anxiety for many of us

In the age of multiple messaging apps, social media accounts and emails, it's easy to understand how the sight of the red bubble notification on an iPhone may be a source of stress for some. 

A the time of writing, this is my home screen. 

The angry-looking alert is there over my messages, email, podcast and phone app, but not for much longer! To remove the red dots, open Settings and hit Notifications. 


From here, it's possible to manage the notifications for individual apps, meaning there's not a blanket ban on the notification. It's also possible to manage the different types of notification within this screen. 

To remove the red dot, simply swipe the "Badge App Icon" toggle to the left. You will still be alerted when a message arrives, but the symbol will not hover over the app on the home screen. To stop all notifications from a particular app, simply swipe left on the toggle next to "Allow Notification".