How to print your Instagram photos

There are several options available to users

How to print your Instagram photos

Instagram app on an iPhone | Photo: PA Images

Photography's a fickle old industry - once enamoured by the sheer convenience of digital photography, it's since done a complete 180 as people revert to instant photography and photo printing.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the kingpin of photography apps, reinventing the word 'filter' as users shared their squared-off experiences.

But how do we get our snaps off-screen and into our hands?

There are several services available to users, depending on what exactly it is your looking for in your printed photos.


Origrami are a Sydney-based husband and wife team who offer multiple designer themes and free shipping for up to 36 individual prints.

Buyers can choose from a range of sizes and styles, as well as turning your photos into mini magnets or greeting cards through the Origrami app.

This is a company I can vouch for - the end-product is beautifully packaged (depending on the style you decide on, they come in a camera-shaped cardboard box or a classic range-finder tin.

I chose the Retroprint package for $24.95 AUD - 36 4"x5" prints which, if selected directly from Instagram will feature a geotag of where you took the photo on the back. It also show how many 'likes' the photo got, as well as the caption.

Image: Zoe London

I read varying reviews about how the quality of photos can be compromised, but I didn't find any of my photos to be extremely poor quality.

It's worth noting that because they are based in another hemisphere, you will be waiting a while for your photos - mine took four weeks to deliver. Also, while they offer free shipping, it's untracked - you can pay more for tracked shipping though.

Per print, you're looking at a spend of roughly 47c. My order was also not delayed by customs.

You can download the app on iOS. Alternatively, you can order from the site here.


If you need snaps in a hurry, LALALAB could be the one for you. Previously known as Pologram, the app takes roughly a week to produce and deliver your photographs.

With LALALAB, you can print your photos off as a photobook, as well as make magnets and wall decorations, phone cases and postcards.

Print sizes range from 5.9 x 8.9cm to 20 x 27cm, with prices starting at 39c per print.

You can download the app for iOS and Android. You can also shop the site here.

Image: LaLaLab

Social Print Studio

Another indie company, Social Print Studio lets you print from their mobile app and their native desktop site.

The service offers the usual print packages, but also has some unique packaging for wall features, wood panoramics, stickers and calendars.

Because of its broad selection of products, Social Print Studio's prices vary. Your standard set of 24 4"x4" square prints will cost you $12. (That works out at €1.24 a print).

With that, you also have to factor in shipping - international orders start at $12 and typically takes 2-4 weeks.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and you can also order directly from the site.

Social Print Studio's square print. Image: Where's June?