How the EU could split in two

Jean-Claude Juncker has outlined his vision for post-Brexit Europe...

How the EU could split in two

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European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has outlined his alternative visions for the EU after the UK's exit.

The Luxembourgian's blueprint is centred around five "pathways to unity."

Here are the different scenarios:

1. Carrying On - The remaining EU nations 'carry on' as is, with some parts working, while others don't...

2. Nothing but the Single Market - The EU is re-centred on the preservation of the Single Market - continuing the economic union, while members are "not able to find common ground on an increasing number of policy areas."

3. Those Who Want More Do More - Everything continues as is - but groups within the EU can join together to create agreements in areas such as, "defence, internal security or social matters."

4. Doing Less More Efficiently - This would see the Union focus on areas where it is making progress and do "less where it is perceived not to have an added value," as, "Attention and limited resources are focused on selected policy areas."

5. Doing Much More Together - Countries give more power to the EU allowing it to make quick and wide-reaching decisions which apply across the union.

Mr Juncker hopes that the EU can decide which road it wants to take during the coming year - ahead of European Parliament elections in 2019.

These plans open up the possibility of a 'two-tier' Europe emerging, was anchor states create new supernational European initiatives, while others opt for less unity.

This could create a split between the West and East of the Union - representatives from a number of members have registered concerns about the implications of the EU moving in this direction.