History comes to life 'Dublin Walls' walking tour app

See the city as it was during the Medieval times

If you've ever wondered what Dublin was like in medieval times, wonder no more! Dublina, in association with Dublin City Council, has brought history to life with an online portal and free mobile app. 

'Dublin Walls' seeks to show tourists, students and everyone in between what the capital was like during that time. The app was first developed by DCC in 2010, but the new update uses GPS to guide users on a walk through the city. Animated videos, recreating sections of the city's walls, photographs and passages of text are dotted along the route to provide greater detail. 

Launching the app brings up a short video that gives context to the changes Dublin made from 917 - 1014. It shows how Dublin was a much smaller city at that time and was closed in by barrier walls. 

‘We hope that this innovative educational resource on Dublin’s Medieval history and heritage will foster greater appreciation and love for the city amongst young people all around the country,” said Charles Duggan, Heritage Officer with Dublin City Council. 


Dublina has also unveiled the new 'Viking and Medieval Dublin Online Learning Platform', which is the only Irish resource to offer a complete narrative for secondary school student and it is the first time students can interact digitally with the Irish medieval documents. 

Sheila Dooley, Education Officer with Dublinia said, “A unique feature is the use of original primary sources from Irish archival material a part of the syllabus often neglected.  Students can now interact digitally with Irish medieval documents and read the story of two men who fell out over a game of football or the story of an archer who stole from the Archbishop's house in Dublin until he was overpowered by a magical cross!” 

Users can take a closer look here.