Challenges to Eighth Amendment Referendum result to continue tomorrow

One of the claimants has withdrawn his application and it was struck out

Challenges to Eighth Amendment Referendum result to continue tomorrow

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The High Court is hearing separate applications today from three people seeking to challenge the result of the abortion referendum.

One man claims people were duped by incorrect statements made by members of the Government.

Last month, the people of Ireland voted emphatically for the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution to be repealed.

However, three Irish citizens have sought to challenge the result through the courts.

Charles Byrne, a musician with an address in Drogheda, claims hundreds of students in NUI Galway were not properly registered to vote.

His barrister argued in court this morning that incorrect statements were made by members of the Government about the referendum and people were duped by them.

He also argued that certain omissions were made by the Referendum Commission in its information booklet which was supplied to every house in the country.

Joanna Jordan of Upper Glenageary Road in Dún Laoghaire claims thousands of Irish citizens were paid to return to vote.

Another man - Ciaran Tracey from Leitrim Village - withdrew his application and it was struck out.

Another man asked to take his place but the Judge told him he couldn’t simply stand up in court and do that.

A woman in court made arguments to back him up but the Judge told her it wasn’t an opportunity to make a political speech. 

There is not an automatic right to have such challenges heard in the High Court.

For one to be allowed, the applicant must prove there is evidence that the issues being complained about materially affected the result.

The hearings will continue tomorrow.

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