Here's what you need to know about the latest iOS update

Apple has added in a whole host of new features, including 100 new emoji!

iOS 10 arrived earlier this year and brought with it some of the biggest changes we've seen to the operating system since it was first released. Apple unveiled iOS 10.2 last night and here's what you can expect when you update. 


Apple has added three new wallpapers that can be used on the new phone models; iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Each has its own name - Droplet Blue, Droplet Red and Droplet Yellow. 

100 New Emoji

You may well wonder if there's any real need for 100 more emjoi, but you're getting them anyway! The new emoji additions include male and female versions of firefighters and judges. 

"Press and Hold to Speak”

You'll find “Press and Hold to Speak” within the Settings app > General > Accessibility > Home Button. This allows you to activate Siri or Voice Control when you press and hold the circular home button. 

Videos Widget

Apple has added a new widget for videos to the lock screen. This widget will show you the latest videos recorded to the device. 

Headphones Icon

You'll find a small headphones icon in the status bar, which will indicate when the headphones are connected. This is very helpful for those of us using Bluetooth headphones.