Here's how to listen back to every Google voice search you've ever done

Yes, Google stores them. And yes, it's cringey.

Voice activated technology has taken a while to catch on, but is handy from time to time. Did you know, however, that Google stores every voice search you've ever done and you can listen back to those searches?

It's true.

If you've ever used it whilst drunk or become so frustrated with it's inability to understand your accent that you've told it to 'F' off, prepare to cringe as you relive that magic. 

We've told you before that it's possible to find out what Google knows about you. If you want to find out what audio clips they have in their archive, simply click here and follow the steps below. 



This wil then bring up a comprehensive list of every search made via your Google account, with the audio clip. 

My archive includes "What's the name of the daughter in Gilmore Girls?" and "What date is Easter?" Thrilling stuff.