Have you conducted a Gmail security checkup?

Here's how to take back control of your Gmail account

Have you conducted a Gmail security checkup?

Image: YouTube/Google

Many of us use Google's Gmail service for our personal emails, YouTube accounts and Android phones, but when was the last time you did a spring clean of your Gmail setup? 

Clicking on this link will bring you to a portal that helps review security settings associated with your Gmail account. 

Once you've hit "done" on this screen, you'll be brought through to another step of the process. This allows you to see what websites and devices have access to your Google account. From here, you can revoke that permission. This page is very helpful as it shows you just what sort of access each of the sites has.

It's worth completing this process to reduce the amount of spam and newsletters received, but it's also good from a safety point of view too. If you don't recognise a particular site, be sure to remove it from the list of sites that have access to your email account.