Hate crime in London up 50% since Brexit vote

There are on average 67 hate crimes reported every day in London since the EU referendum vote

The number of hate crimes reported in London has risen by more than 50% in the days since the EU referendum result, the latest figures show.

Scotland Yard has confirmed the average number of hate crimes reported daily in the English capital has risen to 67 - a 52% increase on the pre-referendum average of 44.

A total of 599 incidents of race hate crime were reported to the Metropolitan Police between 24 June and 2 July.

Commander Mark Chishty, head of community engagement at the Met, said the force recognises that people "are feeling anxious at the perception of increased intolerance against certain communities".

He said: "We are carefully analysing every incident to see what is happening across London and these figures may change as victims come forward and report incidents after the event. The vast majority of these incidents involve abusive and offensive language. I would strongly urge both victims and witnesses to come forward and report any such incidents to police as soon as possible."

Figures from last year also highlight a rise in reports of hate crime in the capital over a longer period.

Prior to 24 June 2015, 40 hate crimes a day were reported to police, an average which rose to 44 incidents in the subsequent period.

June 2016 showed a 19% increase in hate crime reported in comparison to June 2015, with 216 more alleged offences brought to police.

The latest figures come as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, hit out at the spreading of intolerance and hatred in the days following the EU referendum result.

He said: "Since the referendum, we have seen an outwelling of poison and hatred that I cannot remember in this country for very many years."

Crime reports have shown an increase in hate crime incidents following the referendum elsewhere in the country.

Avon and Somerset police figures showed that 10 incidents were being reported per day after the referendum, compared to four before the vote.

A national police portal received a fivefold increase in reports in the days following the referendum.

A total of 331 incidents were reported to True Vision, a police-funded website for reporting hate crime, between 23 June and 29 June.

The 47-a-day average, disclosed by the National Police Chiefs' Council, compared with a previous weekly average of 63 reports