Halawa not among 200 freed political prisoners in Egypt

His family say the 21-year-old is dying

Halawa not among 200 freed political prisoners in Egypt

Undated photo of Ibrahim Halawa | Image: Facebook/Free Ibrahim Halawa

The family of Irish man Ibrahim Halawa say 203 political prisoners were released in Egypt on Monday - however he was not one of them.

He has been imprisoned since his arrest during August 2013 demonstrations.

The now 21-year-old Dubliner was 17 when he was first detained.

His mass trial, alongside 493 other defendants, has been adjourned 19 times Cairo.

The Halawa family say his aunt visited him on Monday and that he is suffering from a skin disease "as a result of the inhuman hospital prison he is held in".

He was hospitalised back in February as his heart condition deteriorated.

His family say his blood sugar has dropped to 34 and he was kept in solitary confinement for 48 hours.

"Ibrahim is dying and we as a family will hold both governments responsible for anything to happen to him," the Halawa's say in a statement.

"We're running out of time, We urge the Taoiseach to at least secure his release before its too late.

"I am shocked that the Taoiseach can't at least secure his welfare nor his conditions. Securing Ibrahim's welfare means insuring that he is placed in the best conditions possible".

"There has to be and end to this mass trial, and this is enough reason for Ireland to choose between this priorities of their relations or one of their citizens life until a fair trial has taken place but this way gives the Egyptian government the excuse to play with Ibrahim's life until he has to spend his life in prison.

"The Irish Government should practice what they preach for and that is everyone is innocent until proven guilty."