Guinness announces new alcohol-free milkshake

The Storehouse Shake infuses nitro coffee and ice-cream

Guinness announces new alcohol-free milkshake

The Guinness Storehouse Shake | Image: Supplied

Drinks company Guinness has unveiled a new milkshake, which will be a available at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

The Storehouse Shake will be infused with nitro coffee and blended vanilla ice-cream.

The company says the nitro coffee is cold brewed for 12 hours, chilled in a keg and served on draught "resulting in a creamy and smooth texture" like a Guinness.

Hazelnut syrup is then added on top with cream - as well as a Guinness chocolate brownie.

Creator of the recipe, Sean Hunter, is head chef at the Guinness Storehouse.

He said: "The culinary team at the Guinness Storehouse create amazing dishes paired with and using Guinness.

"As temperatures soared this summer, we decided to work together to create something fun and special, the Storehouse Shake - by nitrogenating coffee in the same way we do Guinness, we're able to deliver a non-alcoholic summer drink that has the same creamy and smooth texture as Guinness."

The shake is available from August 22nd until September 30th.

Some people have already got a sneak peak at the creation: