Grant Thornton set to create 250 new Irish jobs

The accounting firm is also moving to a bigger location in Dublin

Grant Thornton is set to create 250 jobs in Ireland over the next 18 months.

Most of the accounting firm's new positions will be based in its newly-launched centre of excellence, which will provide a framework for the delivery of global compliance and reporting services.

Most of the jobs will be based in Dublin, with the firm set to move to a larger docklands office in 2018.

Grant Thornton currently employs roughly 1,2000 people in Ireland.

The centre will offer international expertise to organisations that are obliged to report their finances in multiple countries.

Tim Lohan, Grant Thornton's partner in financial accounting and advisory services, told Breakfast Business:

"For example, if you're a US business located here in Ireland with reporting requirements across many jurisdictions, we can work with you and service all of your compliance and reporting needs from our centre here in Dublin.

"It's completely unique. There's nobody else with the scale of this offering in this marketplace. We've recruited a number of experts, we've invested heavily in an IT platform and we're live with it at the moment."

"We have always had the capacity to meet the needs of companies working across many markets, but bringing this expertise in-house simplifies the process and guarantees a high level of consistency for our clients who will benefit from an end-to-end solution being delivered by our Dublin team."

Lohan said that, as Grant Thornton grows "very, very strongly across all areas of the business", the centre of excellence gives it another "springboard" for growth.

In terms of the ideal candidates for the new roles, Lohan said:

Primarily focused on qualified people and if you look at the nature of the work, that makes sense. There is an element of the 2018 graduate intake in there. So it's not as if we're saying no to graduates, that's going to be very much in demand in the future."

Lohan denied that the current political climate in Europe had figured into their centre of excellence planning:

"This is completely in response to our Irish-based clients as they stand. Brexit was never a consideration, who knows what's down the road..."

He added of Grant Thornton's new premises:

"We have commissioned a new building that's just come out of the ground. We hope to be in it this time next year.

"Both our offices in Dublin will move under the one roof and hopefully it will be our home for many years to come, assuming that we don't have even more growth than we've already experienced..."