Government announces new apprenticeships & traineeships plan

There is also an effort to get more women involved in apprenticeships

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A new Government scheme aims to dramatically increase the amount of apprenticeships and traineeships by 2020.

The scheme would mean a doubling of the number of trainees, as well as almost trebling the number of apprentices over the next three years.

The Government is hoping to deliver 50,000 apprenticeship and traineeship registrations by 2020.

The Department of Education and Skills says it intends to 'enhance collaboration' between education agencies, and will "proactively engage with employers and enterprise to secure buy in and engagement with the apprenticeship and traineeship routes".

There is also an effort to get more women involved in apprenticeships.

Education Minister Richard Bruton explained: "By broadening the range of apprenticeships on offer - and we hope to have 40 by the end of 2020 - you'll have a much broader range of skills.

"It will be in sectors like medical devices and financial services where women are getting [a] much better foothold. But that's not to say we don't also want to see more women going through the more traditional apprenticeships," he added.