Google's new feature displays your photos and emails in search results

These results are personal to each user

Google has added a new tab to its search engine, making the results displayed more personal than ever before. 

This service, unsurprisingly, is called Personal. 

When a user searches a particular term, it is now possible to see what ties they have to it. For example, I searched 'London' this morning.

While the home page brought up the usual search results, a new tab appeared beneath 'More'. Clicking on 'Personal' displayed my personal images, stored within Google Photos and taken in London. It also displayed my Gmail messages containing the word London. 

Here's how it works:

Click on the 'More' button. From here you'll see 'Personal'. 

This brings up your personal ties to that search term. 

Google pulls your information from other Google services used by the person carrying out the search. You must be logged into your Gmail account for it to work. 

Nobody else but you can see your Personal search results. The Personal service is not yet available within the Google app and does not yet support Google Drive Files.