Google set to change the look of its sign-in page

The log in process will remain the same

Google has confirmed it will redesign the sign-in pages for web services such as Gmail. The company assured users that the process to log in will remain the same. 

According to a brief web post about the upcoming redesign, the company said there are three reasons for the change. It said, "The new sign-in page will have a cleaner, simpler look, make the sign-in process faster and will be consistent across computers, phones and tablets". 

Google started using the new look at the operating-system level, which is accessible through Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google on Android. iOS users can view it on the Google app. The firm has also been testing it in browsers internally over the last number of weeks. 

The new system has a responsive design, meaning that its appearance will change based on screen size and orientation, and it will work on the mobile web and on desktop, according to Google product manager Rodrigo Paiva

The news comes after a number of people were reported to have used a Google-like sign-in page for phishing attacks. That attack involved an email attachment, which when clicked on, brought users to a fake sign-in page.